Monday, May 19, 2014

Bags and Bags of Garlic Mustard oh MY!!!

On Wednesday, May 7th our class joined three ATC staff and volunteer members to pull Garlic Mustard.  We had learned all about Garlic Mustard, how it is an invasive plant that actually has a chemical it discharges into the soil that hurts native plants.   We started by carrying the tools we needed down to the path.  Then we learned how to safely identify garlic mustard, how to pull it so that we got the whole plant.  It was EVERYWHERE!!!!

We spent 3 hours pulling the plant.  At the beginning we had put decided on a goal of 50 pounds.  We were planning on registered our amount with the National Garlic Mustard Removal challenge. 

Boy were we shocked to learn the next day that after our bags were weighed we had pulled a total of 287 pounds of Garlic Mustard.  WOW.... what a successful day. 
We also learned how to remove Multi- Flora Rose, which is also an invasive.  We used this really cool shrub puller to remove it by its root.  We would then hang it upside down over another plant so that it will die then it can safely decompose in the woods without spreading. 

That night Mrs. Garcia made us pesto with Garlic mustard and we all tried it.  It was pretty good. 
During the day we learned about how long it takes for certain things to decompose in the woods.  Did you know it can take up to 3 years for a banana peal to decompose??  That is why if you carry it in you should always carry it out. 
A game to match how long it takes for an item to decompose.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Moon Phases

Yesterday we did a great project to show the phases of the moon. 
We took apart oreo cookies and made all the phases.  Then we copied the cookies and drew them on a plate.  Next we labeled them and then best of all we got to eat them... YUMMY science...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last week our class learned about Magnetisem. First we had done an experiment where we tested the magnetic force.

. What you do is you take a magnet and put a piece of paper over it.  Then you gently drop iron filings over the magnet and see where they are attracted to.  It was so cool that you could actually see the shape of the magnets through the paper.  We also learned that it goes around the edges and not on top.  In the circle picture you can even see the whole in the middle of the magnet. 
by Maddie

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Great State Challenge

Well the Great State Challenge has begun.  The children all wrote letters to various people around the country.  We received addresses from parents, staff members and friends from all over.  After we sent them all out we waited and today our first packages arrived.  The kids are so exicted to see what came.  I have made arrangements to put up a display in the front display case across from the office.  Next time you are in check it out as it grows.  It will be going up next Monday. 
This is so exciting!!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mouse Update

Well Surprise, surprise......  We think our white mouse is pregnant!!!!  That is right my two female mice seem to be not two females and now we are having babies.  The KIDS ARE ECSTATIC!!!   Me not so much!  So now we are doing research on what Mama Mouse needs for her babies and how to care for them once they are born. 
Talk about Teachable moments!!!!  We are now like anxious dads waiting the arrival of our new class pets.  The discussion about adoption has already begun, but one thing is for sure.  As soon as they are born our little boy mouse is moving into a new tank otherwise she will be pregnant before the babies are weaned. 

Any parent who wants to adopt some really cute little mice, I can sex them for you when they are about 20-25 days old.  I promise to do a better job then Petco did.  I have done some serious research this AM on how to sex them and there is no denying that they are one of each sex.  Wish I had known that a month ago. 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Homemade Wreathes

Our class made wreathes out of things we found in the woods, like pine cones, acorns, seed pods and other things found in nature. We  glued them on a peice of cardboard and it was tons of fun.  Next we are going to put a red bow on it to take home. 
By Keenan

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids teach kids

Last Monday Mrs.Garcia's class  tought a lesson to Ms. Jenn's and Miss Galuecia's second grade classes on how seeds travel . We  explained how water and wind move plant seeds from one place to another and how plants can explode out seeds when you touch them or when they are exposed to certain temperatures.

"It was cool to teach other kids and get them to look forward to learning about nature." said Madiline Fife, one of the pair of girls who started the lesson off.                                                                                   
                    We also told them how some plants are  "superpoopers" .They are plants that rely on animals to eat their seeds, digest them, and then poop them out, therefore depositing  them in different places. Then some demonstrating kids showed some different examples of plants that travel in different ways.  After that, we helped the second graders make charts and lists grouping together plants, seeds ,and the ways seeds travel.
Finnaly, we read booklets we made to the second graders on the ways seeds travel.  I  think I can speak for all of Mrs. Garcia's class when I say that teaching the second graders was really fun!
Written by Phoebe